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Edmonds Fair Acceptance Letter

*Gasp* “Dear Artist, Thank you for submitting your work to the 2010 Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Gallery. Each year blah blah blah carefully selected jurors blah blah blah always challenging to choose from so many blah de blah. Your work was juried with the following results: Silver Cuff Bracelet………..Accepted Ammonite Necklace………Accepted Champlevé Hatpin Series..Accepted Instructions […]

Showing my enamels in California

And more news: Friday, I heard back from a juried show I applied to a few weeks ago: I was accepted! I’m stunned! I figured this was yet another “practice” submission and that I was throwing my application fee away. Holy crap, they liked it! The show is the Northern California Enamel Guild’s 10th International […]

But whatever shall I wear?

ZOMG SNAG tomorrow!! runs around frantically Oh my gods the geekery. Oh my gods the shiney. I have been so focused on the portfolio review, I kinda forgot that there was a whole CON going on, too. Demos and lectures and vendor room and exhibits and cocktail parties with rockstars. The whole deal. OMFG!!

But wait, there’s more.

From the SNAG conference organizers. (Remember how I said it was expensive?) Congratulations!! You have been awarded the Work Exchange Assistant . As part of the work exchange assistantship recipient, you will receive 40% discount off your registration fee in trade for 6 hours of work at the conference. Huh. Well, that certainly helps. (OMG!) […]

Penguin: SOLD!

The majority of the penguins were sold tonight by silent auction at the Greenwood Collective’s artwalk. My Professor Herringbone was a hit! I’m so delighted! The bidding was fast and furious as 5 different bidders ratcheted the price higher and higher, before a 6th bidder plunked down the “buy-it-now” price (more than twice the previous […]