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Gettin’ press!

Wow cool, Metalsmith magazine just asked permission to quote me, for an upcoming article about Steampunk. Awesome! Metalsmith is pretty much THE scholarly mag for jewelry and metalwork. For those familiar with Dwell, it’s about on par with that. It’s produced by SNAG, the national jewelers’ society whose conference I just attended. Getting quoted? Pretty […]

Back from SNAG conference

I got back from Houston late last night. Today is a decompression day. I had a total blast. I should have done this years ago. And yet, if I had, I doubt it would have had the same impact; for where I am today — professionally, personally, artistically — this was the perfect time for […]

But whatever shall I wear?

ZOMG SNAG tomorrow!! runs around frantically Oh my gods the geekery. Oh my gods the shiney. I have been so focused on the portfolio review, I kinda forgot that there was a whole CON going on, too. Demos and lectures and vendor room and exhibits and cocktail parties with rockstars. The whole deal. OMFG!!

But wait, there’s more.

From the SNAG conference organizers. (Remember how I said it was expensive?) Congratulations!! You have been awarded the Work Exchange Assistant . As part of the work exchange assistantship recipient, you will receive 40% discount off your registration fee in trade for 6 hours of work at the conference. Huh. Well, that certainly helps. (OMG!) […]