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Many hats

The employee needs a day off, if only to do laundry. The manager notes this and promises to schedule one. The owner notes the quality of enamelwork from this week and allocates funds to buy the company its own kiln. Probably not until September, so that when the employee comes back from vacation she can […]

New materials

The mail today brought the package of Vintaj Brass findings that I’d ordered. Very very exciting; I’d planned to spend the day designing and assembling some lower-end jewelry items for my show next week. These are really gorgeous. Unfortunately the mail also brought some pressing administrative BS, which has totally sidetracked me; so I doubt […]

And then for something different: more work

Wearing my academic/historian hat today. Skillz… rusty….! I feel like I have been shifting mental gears an awful lot lately. Ready creative go! Okay, now be organized! Technical expertise, fire! Fiscal planner go! Write something scholarly! Whee entrepreneurship. My brain hurts. Thanks to everyone who reviewed my site and offered comments and encouragement. Updates/corrections are […]