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Next! Magnuson Park!

And while I’m at it, why not another?? I just jumped on the bandwagon for the Best of Magnuson Park show.  This is put on by the good folks at Northwest Arts Alliance; I found out last week that they were still accepting applications for this show (and just confirmed that they have room for […]

Steamrollering on ahead!

Booth build yesterday: was amazing. OMG I love my friends. They took a pile of displays, fabric, and jewelry, and made it into something coherant. Ooh shiney! Here’s the piece I completed Friday. Major payoff, the booth now has a big splashy centerpiece. Pictured in top cube: sterling silver torq necklace with: enamel on fine […]

Norwescon 2010

Professionally, Norwescon went remarkably well. I was really pleased with the way my artwork turned out and received lots of wonderful feedback. Most amazingly, two of my pieces actually sold! But also: I completely ran out of business cards. To me this is a very positive sign as it means that folks liked my stuff […]