Indulge @ BAM!

Breaking news, art fans… I have been invited to participate in this year’s “INDULGE: jewelry marketplace.”  This is a high-end designer jewelry show at the Bellevue Art Museum.  I’m thrilled!

The show takes place Feb 4-6th in the lobby of the museum.  A select twenty-five jewelers from across the country will be showing their work and unveiling new collections.  Will I be introducing something new?  Why yes, yes I will; I just happen to have a new line in the works.  Details to be posted closer to the date of the show!

More information can be found here, on the INDULGE website. This just happened today — I’m not even shown on the list of designers yet.  That should change early next week.  This promises to be a very fun and exciting show; I can’t wait.

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