Summer Already? (Update at last!)

My goodness.  This one-woman-band thing is kind of a handful…

Suffice to say I have been really busy the last few months – busy even for me.  I worked three fairs, taught my first jewelry class, attended the Seattle SNAG conference… and then there was the small matter of “that gallery thing.”  Flux Capacitor: An Exhibition of Steampunk Metalwork was an enormous success – you can see some of the artwork and read a little more about the show on the official site, though it too is sorely in need of an update.  For this little experiment, I and a small cadre of fabulous volunteers worked 7-days-a-week in a gallery of our own making – a temporary installation in a vacant storefront.  We held two receptions (which were attended by fully-decked-out Seattle Steampunks) and we saw well over 1,000 visitors in the span of a month.  Most importantly (to me) we were open during the SNAG conference, and were rewarded with rave reviews from the conference attendees.

So yeah – wow!  That took up a lot of time and it was a lot of work, but I’m thrilled with the result.  I am extraordinarily grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of the show, and humbled by the generosity of my wonderful family and friends.  I cannot believe it actually worked, and it never would have been possible without their support.

With the Steampunk show finally concluded, it’s time to get back to what promises to be My Busiest Summer Ever – I have a full roster of amazing fairs where I will be selling over the next few months.  The next one is this weekend!  It’s time again for the Fremont Fair, right here in Seattle.  I will be in booth R-2 (yeah, laugh it up, fanboys) – located on 35th St, at Evanston.  Right across from the Art Cars!  This fair is always a fabulous event and showcases some of the local Burning Man art and spirit – it’s right at home alongside the quirkiness of Fremont.  It kicks off with the famous Solstice Parade on Saturday at noon, then continues with some Father’s Day festivities on Sunday.  So come out and play!

For my fabulous and loyal Seattle customers – you may have heard that the price of silver has really skyrocketed in the last year.  No, really. This is the last fair where I can offer my current prices on my existing inventory; after this one, I’ll be recalculating to keep up with the actual cost of materials.  If you have been thinking about an item, come get it before I have to restock at the new prices!

That’s all the news I have time for right now.  Now where did that publish button go?  Hope it still works after all this time…!

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