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Mayan Compass pendant - original 2005 piece

TBT: Original Mayan Compass

For Throwback Thursday, here is the original Mayan Compass pendant that I made in 2005: Materials: Brass, copper, sterling silver, fine silver, steel coin fragment.  3/4″ diameter. Originally, this was part of a series of “Compass” talismans.  I started this series when I first moved to Seattle; I had just moved cross-country (from Athens, GA) […]

Some old favorites from Peggy’s jewelry line: Gold Stars, Ammonites, and pearls.

Second Saturday Artwalk in Ballard

Dear Friends, We interrupt this busy holiday season for a rare blog update… You may have noticed, I haven’t done any holiday shows (yet) this year.  That’s because I am simply up to my eyeballs in other, marvelous commission projects.  (More about that in a minute!)  But I wanted to let you all know that […]

The creative process

Yesterday I made Art. I’m supposed to be making Product. I’m supposed to be making stuff that I can do quickly so that the labor cost is low. So that it sells, so that I can keep this as my job. But that’s not how that piece was going to go. It needed to be […]

Garden Trellis Project: Complete

So, news! Thursday, I installed a garden trellis for my mom: Forged copper and handblown glass, appx 6’x2.5′. Metalwork by me; glass scavenged from the scrap pile at Pratt Fine Art Center’s hotshop. Why yes, it was a gorgeous day! While hanging out afterwards, my mom got a call from my sister, who had been […]