General Effect: Win

Lecture: Packed room, headcount of 50 Lots of questions, appropriate ooh, ahs, and applause No major fumbles Crowd lingering over supplemental materials for 45min after the lights came up Verdict: Success Festivities afterwards: Indian takeout Delicious Red Wine Delicious chocolate mousse Foot rub! Boys pass out; Girlies dish over more wine Verdict: Fabulous

And then for something different: more work

Wearing my academic/historian hat today. Skillz… rusty….! I feel like I have been shifting mental gears an awful lot lately. Ready creative go! Okay, now be organized! Technical expertise, fire! Fiscal planner go! Write something scholarly! Whee entrepreneurship. My brain hurts. Thanks to everyone who reviewed my site and offered comments and encouragement. Updates/corrections are […]

Penguin: SOLD!

The majority of the penguins were sold tonight by silent auction at the Greenwood Collective’s artwalk. My Professor Herringbone was a hit! I’m so delighted! The bidding was fast and furious as 5 different bidders ratcheted the price higher and higher, before a 6th bidder plunked down the “buy-it-now” price (more than twice the previous […]