Andy Cooperman Video on PBS

(Video originally posted on KCTS9’s site: Check out this amazing video featuring Seattle metalsmith Andy Cooperman.  Andy has long been one of my metalsmithing heroes and, in recent years, a friend too.  This video gives a glimpse into his studio process — it’s beautifully shot, and it’s beautiful to watch him work — but it […]

Website maintenance

Please pardon my construction – my website was hacked, and I am in the process of recovery.  Many sections are now disabled and will be restored or revamped at a later date. For now, I’m scampering off to spend the rest of today in my studio.  :)

Studio Open House Dec 6th!

Save the date! What: Studio Open House & Holiday Sale When: First Thursday, Dec 6th 2012 Where: ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios, 110 Cherry St, downtown Seattle More info on the postcard below… hope you can come!

Happy Halloween!

It is a bright and beautiful Monday morning and I am in my new home on Capitol Hill (in Seattle).  The sun is shining and it is a lovely fall day, probably one of the last before our season of gray sets in.   I have just completed a big move, relocating both my home […]