Happy Halloween!

It is a bright and beautiful Monday morning and I am in my new home on Capitol Hill (in Seattle).  The sun is shining and it is a lovely fall day, probably one of the last before our season of gray sets in.


I have just completed a big move, relocating both my home and my studio — you’d think with all of the times I’ve moved in the last ten years I’d be used to it by now (it’s after all just a little cross-town move!), but this is the first time I’ve done it with a full workshop and a business office.  But despite the chaos it has caused I’m really excited about both of the new spaces: my new housemates are two of my dearest friends (and we’re sharing a beautiful townhouse in a really fun neighborhood), and my new studio is located in the heart of downtown, at the edge of the Pioneer Square gallery district.  The studio is in a freshly-renovated artist collective in a historic building; we are all madly getting ready for our opening party, which is next Saturday, Nov 12th – so save the date!


Many new projects and activities are on the horizon, and I have a load of pictures to post from my summer adventures and new work.  (I did a lot of custom pieces, including several engagement rings.  These were really cool to work on!)  For now I am working on getting settled.


Happy Halloween, and happy Samhain to my Pagan friends.  The wheel turns and I am entering a new cycle.