Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! 2011 is already off to a terrific start!

This week in the shop I’m busily wrapping up some unfinished projects and production pieces that I had waiting for me — basically restocking my standard pieces.  Mostly these are designs y’all have already seen, but in case you missed my new Snowflake earring designs, I’ve uploaded an image of them here.  I’m still not totally happy with the gallery options in this-a-here blog, but it’s what I’ve got for now, so boldly forward we go, yeah?

Speaking of which, I’ve also put in a lot of hours learning to drive this new blog template — some of which was troubleshooting, some of it user learning curve, and (as it turns out) a bit of debugging.  It’s slowly coming together.  There’s a big update still in the wings, since as I say, the portfolio section leaves a bit to be desired even when it’s working right; but it’s not quite ready yet.  I will say this: at least now I feel a little better about the state of things these last few months.  Yep, it really was pretty broken there, and yep, it really did take a few solid days of digging in to fix it.

On the plus side, I’m learning a little PHP while I’m at it, and I’m *just* dorky enough that this makes me feel kinda good.  I are smrt boheemyan, I code u good site nao! ;)

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to post updates more frequently: I’m going to try for at least bi-weekly posts.  Here’s hoping that won’t get boring — and here’s to a fabulous 2011.

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