Procrastinator’s Sale!


If this is you, let me help you out:

Take 20% off all purchases in my Etsy store, now through the end of the year.

Need I say more?

I am super grateful to all of my friends and supporters, so this is a sale for you – the guys who are following me, the people who are cheering me on.  I’ve already had my best-year-ever on Etsy.  Help me finish out the year strong, and get some of these gorgeous pieces off the shelves and into the hands of people who will wear it and love it.

Here are a few more versions of this coupon, that you can link, Pin, Share, and otherwise use to spread the love.

Coupon_Dec14_600tall_v1 Coupon_Dec14

Happy Holidays!  And THANK YOU for every time you let me know you’re out there, it really helps keep me going!



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