Peggy is Teaching!

Opal Pendant

This just in!  I’m teaching a workshop on Filigree, starting at the end of March!

People ask me all the time if I’m a teacher — probably because I’m such a process nerd.  Seriously.  It doesn’t take much to get me started on metals technique, and it’s truly impossible for me to give a short answer when someone asks me how something is made; I try, and I can usually give SOMETHING succinct, but then people always ask more questions and well I can’t seem to help myself…

(don’t you understand??  It’s SCIENCE!!)

…ahem.  So I have been putting together a few syllabi for classes I’d like to teach, and one of them has been picked up by the Tacoma Metal Arts Center.  TMAC is run by my fabulous colleague Amy Reeves, herself an amazing teacher and metalsmith (and something of a process nerd as well).  I’ve known Amy for several years; she’s taught at Pratt and she is active in the metals community.  A couple of years ago she founded her own teaching facility, which is just an awesome space.  Super excited to be teaching a class there!

The class is on four consecutive Thursday nights, starting on March 31st; the cost is $165, plus I will have silver wire available for purchase.  We’ll be making open wirework pendants, earrings, and brooches like my Opal Pendant (above) or my Guiding Stars.  Then we’ll expand on this technique, by filling in those open spaces with delicate fine wires like in this example.  (Please pardon the fugly image; needs to be re-shot, and how!)  I’ll be bringing more samples to class — and will probably take the opportunity to take better photos while I’m at it.

See the TMAC site for full details and registration.

Can’t wait can’t wait!  Tell your friends, particularly if they live in Tacoma!


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