Adventures in Portland

The last few weeks I’ve been pedal to the metal (so to speak) on a number of projects.  I did two back-to-back fairs – the West Seattle Fair, which went fabulous, and the Best of Magnuson Park fair, which wasn’t as great as I’d hoped.  It was still really good exposure though and a good preparation for shows later this fall.

Right on the heels of this, I closed out some projects and then jetted off down to Portland for an extended work-weekend with a crew of artists that are building a large sculpture installation for Burning Man.  That epic four-day work party was followed by three days back in Seattle, and then another epic four-day work party in PDX.  This has been an amazing experience!

Here’s a teaser photo; I’ll hopefully get some more posted later this evening.

We are building, among other things, a Fire Organ.  From scratch. :D

I’d go into more, but this is really worthy of its own entry.

Other accomplishments: much blog shuffling and maintenance has (finally! at long last!) resulted in a new WordPress engine under the hood of the blog.  Further shuffling means it now ships automatically to both LiveJournal and Facebook.  That is, I hope.  If my calculations are correct…

And THAT means more frequent updates.  I’m actually quite an avid blogger, but the initial system I launched back in December was not Single Button Publishing — and thus did not get used.  It still doesn’t look the way I want it too, but one step at a time.  Functionality!  Huzzah!  I’m liking this platform a lot and I’ll probably migrate the entire site to WordPress later this fall.

Time to ship this thing and see if it works, yeah?

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